Determinants of technology diffusion in the Tunisian Manufacturing sector

This paper attempts to discuss factors or channels that determine the diffusion of technology especially in theTunisian manufacturing sector during 1993-2012. Technology plays an important role as a source of growth. However, check the understanding of mechanisms by which technology involved in determining business performance differs dependingon the industry studied (depending on whether it is high or low technology), the level of human capital and also theimportance of trade and foreign direct investment. In this perspective the empirical study is to analyze the relationshipbetween total factor productivity (as an indicator of technological progress) and the determinants of technologicaldiffusion. Empirical results suggest that openness to foreign companies and the Trade in ICT and in manufacturingmedium high technologies had a signi?cant role in the diffusion of technology but presence of foreign ?rms has not beena vehicle for technology diffusion for the Tunisian manufacturing sector. This reveals that the diffusion of technologyrequires certain conditions such as the importance of research and development and improving the absorption capacity.





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